Retail Solutions

Retail masks in store for ZERO cost!

Here at Mask4Life we know just how abnormal things have been in the retail environment over the past few months.  Going from total lockdown to a new way of working, it has presented unforeseen challenges and left situations tight in many cases.  In order to help your business to help clients be sufficiently protected and comfortable, we are providing a risk free solution for retailers to put masks in store.

We have the stock so are looking to set up win-win supply agreements with retailers that are wishing to provide a high quality, sustainable masking solution to their clients.  This product is highly sought-after so can earn healthy margins instantly for retailers that become stockists.

How do we retail masks at no cost to us?

At Mask4Life we are prepared to send stock in to your stores at zero cost and will just invoice you for the product that sells within each month.  It is quite simple, we send the goods, you retail them and then send us a usage report from which we raise an invoice.  Please fill out our online application form here to become approved and reserve your stocks.

How quickly can this be set up?

If you have the space on your shelf we can send goods in to you the day following the agreements being signed, please complete our application form here.  We can also design and develop retail solutions in the form of branded checkout boxes or dump bins but these do have minimums and can take around two weeks to produce.  Payment is required up front for these solutions, please see pricing and information below:

Branded retail boxes have a minimum of 250 and a cost of £5 each. Enquire here

Dump bins have a minimum of 100 per design and a cost of £25 each  Enquire here

Can we brand or print the masks with a bespoke design?

Yes, we can add your logo or print designs on the masks for a small cost.  Unfortunately this will mean that we won’t be able to sell them to anybody else so you would not be able to return the masks if they did not sell.  Upload your artwork and order bespoke masks here.

Which other retailers are doing this?

Numerous retailers including Asos, Sports Direct, Yours Clothing, Boohoo and Asda are already reaping the benefits of this revenue channel.  We believe that there is still a huge opportunity with consumers as long as you are quick to the market and strike while the iron is hot.  Like a hat or a pair of gloves, consumers will also want a selection of masks which is why having them in various colours would be beneficial.  Currently we have Black, Grey, White, Navy, Pink and Light Blue in stock across the various varieties we supply.

If you would like to book a meeting to discuss our Consignment stock offer with our team please click here.