Mask Production

About Us

Here at Mask4Life we are passionate about your safety and the safety of the environment. Together, we want to make a difference. Using our technical knowledge and several years of experience in the textile industry, we’ve come up with a sustainable, yet safe, solution to the growing necessity for face masks. This re-usable mask not only stops you inhaling polluted air, but it also stops the spread of nasty diseases.

The fact that our washable masks are made from cotton means that they can be used over and over again. Just like the reusable shopping bags that you take to the supermarket in the battle against throw-away plastic. 

With production in Vietnam, we have the capacity to produce 500,000 masks per week. This means we could potentially save 60 tonnes of landfill in a week. And given that a disposable mask only lasts for one day maximum, this is a tangible way to protect yourself and the environment whilst you’re out shopping, dining or exercising.

And because you will be wearing this in public, it’s important that it syncs with the rest of your outfit. That’s why we’re also offering branding options on top of our standard design. Companies can choose to add labels, embroidery and heat transfers to personalise these to reflect their brand image.

In a world where we have limited resources, by purchasing this mask you are protecting yourself. You’re also ensuring that the medical staff have access to the disposable masks they need, as they continue to combat on the front lines.

Stay Safe.

The Mask4Life Team