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Why you should still wear a mask beyond Freedom Day

Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced that the wearing of masks is to become optional after July 19th, 2021. The reaction was met with a mixture of relief and concern, with some who ‘want to get back to normal by no longer wearing a mask’, and others rightly worried that the coronavirus pandemic has not gone away. 

Let’s backtrack for a second here. The reason masks were introduced in the first place is because COVID-19 is primarily an airborne virus. Masks have been scientifically proven to reduce the spread of droplets in the air, with some types of face masks proving to be up to 99% effective. 

With COVID cases currently on the increase, relaxing the rules at this juncture has been met with widespread condemnation from the opposition, as well as a number of people petitioning to keep mask-wearing in places such as public transport and shops. 

So the question is, should you continue to wear a mask beyond July 19th? Here is our take on this popular debate. 

Benefits Of Wearing A Face Mask

  • They reduce the spread of airborne viruses, including COVID-19
  • Face masks are inexpensive to purchase
  • Easy to put on and adjust
  • Many different styles to suit the individual 
  • Offers peace of mind to those around you
  • Reusable face masks can be washed many times over

When face masks were introduced, everyone naturally felt a little strange suddenly having most of their face covered, especially in public. Although the wearing of face masks has long been sensibly adopted by other countries in transit hubs and other busy spaces, their mainstream use has never been seen before in the UK. 

However, people were soon offered reassurance especially when the wearing of masks became mandatory. It meant that everyone (aside from those with specific ailments) had to protect both themselves and you, which seemed a lot safer than hoping for the best with no mask in place. 

Although we are facing a difficult period, wearing a mask alongside sanitising your hands and maintaining social distancing is how we have all been able to do our bit. While restrictions are set to become relaxed, the benefits of masks will not change which is why they continue to be beneficial, especially in busy spaces. 

How Masks Have Changed The World Of Work

Whether you work in a customer facing role such as hospitality, healthcare, retail or beauty, it’s safe to say that the wearing of masks would have been unheard of before the pandemic. 

The lockdowns that forced businesses to close their doors have had a devastating financial impact. Therefore, any way in which they could safely reopen had to be explored. The wearing of masks is just one way in which close contact businesses have been able to adapt to our new normal. 

For example, during the Euro 2020 games, pubs were able to stay open and begin to finally claw back some of their lost revenue, with an estimated 10 million pints served up during each game alone. As shouting and singing in pubs is prohibited due to coronavirus restrictions, the wearing of masks has also been mandatory when not eating and drinking. 

The Bottom Line 

Regardless of government guidance, the fact remains that we are still in a pandemic, and wearing a mask continues to help protect yourself and those around you. Although the wearing of masks may no longer be legally enforced, it should still be encouraged for those who want protection against the virus. There is also nothing to say that Boris Johnson won’t backtrack on his decision, depending on how infection rates continue to develop when mask wearing is no longer in place. 

Furthermore, in a recent June 2021 publication, The WHO stated: “Decision makers should apply a risk-based approach when considering the use of masks for the general public regardless of vaccination or natural immunity status. 

In areas of known or suspected community or cluster SARS-CoV-2 transmission: WHO advises that the general public should wear a non-medical mask in indoor (e.g. shops, shared workplaces, schools) or outdoor settings where physical distancing of at least 1 metre cannot be maintained. 

If indoors, unless ventilation has been assessed to be adequate, WHO advises that the general public should wear a non-medical mask, regardless of whether physical distancing of at least 1 metre can be maintained.”

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Along with washing your hands regularly, social distancing and getting tested if you develop any symptoms, we highly recommend the continued wearing of face masks, especially if you feel apprehensive about the legislation changes. 

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