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7 top tips to stop your glasses from fogging up when wearing a mask

A little over a year ago, the only time most people in the UK wore face masks was when they were doing home repair projects or when visiting the hospital. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed all that with mandatory face-covering rules being applied in most indoor public spaces. 

There’s no denying the effectiveness that face masks have in stopping the spread of the virus, which is why wearing one has become a daily routine for most. However, if you wear glasses, you understand just how annoying masks can be. 

The biggest problem that glasses wearers suffer from is ‘glasses fog,’ when the lenses steam or fog up every time they put on a face covering. 

But misty glasses aren’t just a matter of inconvenience! If your glasses fog up while you’re walking, you could easily slip and fall. Likewise, if you’re wearing a mask and driving, foggy glasses could result in a crash.  

Wearing a face mask with glasses shouldn’t have to be so complicated. Luckily, there are a few simple tricks you can try to stop your glasses from fogging up unexpectedly when wearing a face covering. The best part? Most of these methods are easy to try and don’t cost much.

Why do glasses fog up when wearing a face mask?

Masks are designed to be like a protective barrier for our mouths and nose. However, that also means that foggy glasses often happen when wearing a cloth or medical face mask due to the limited airflow. 

This is because your breath is expelled upwards out the top of the mask, and unfortunately for glasses wearers, that breath of air heads straight for the lenses of the glasses. 

The warm air from your breath hits the surface of your cooler lenses, which in turn steams them up and blocks your vision. 

The steam also produces excess moisture that can reduce the grip of your glasses’ nose pads, making it all the easier for your frames to slide down your face.

Basically, condensation is to blame. The science behind glasses fog is very frustrating; luckily, it’s also pretty simple to prevent this from happening!

Mask4Life’s top tips to stop your glasses from fogging up

1. Make sure your mask fits properly

One of the most common causes of glasses fog is a poorly fitted mask. If your face covering doesn’t fit your face snugly, this allows your warm breath to escape upwards and hit your lenses. The result? Instant condensation. 

When choosing a mask, make sure you pick one that’s the correct size and that it has a more tailored fit. Face masks that only come in one standard size don’t always have the best fit, especially around the bridge of your nose. 

Masks that don’t fit your face well allow for warm, moist breath to escape. That breath hits your glasses and creates instant fog. Instead, opt for a custom fit mask or ones with adjustable ear loops that you can tighten yourself. It should sit snug against both your nose and cheeks, and there shouldn’t be any gaps for the air to escape.

If you’re desperate to stop your glasses from fogging up, check out Mask4Life’s 3Ply Mesh Face Masks with adjustable ear loops. Our 3Ply Mesh Face Masks not only have adjustable ear loops, but they are also reusable and made from cotton and polyester mesh for added comfort. Plus, because they are triple-layered, you can be confident they are protecting you from inhaling bacteria. 

2. Wash them with soap, shaving cream or shampoo

Research from 2015 showed that washing the lenses of glasses with certain substances could help to reduce the likelihood of fogging. The study said that household items, such as soap, baby shampoo and shaving cream, were effective. This is because they all leave behind a film that acts as a barrier against excess moisture.

If you want to try this method yourself, follow these instructions:

  • Wash your glasses with one type of soap and warm water.
  • Then let them air dry.
  • Once they’re dry, wipe them free of marks with a dry microfiber cloth.

However, if your glasses lenses have a particular film or glare protection, check with your optician first. Some cleaning methods can end up damaging your glasses if you’re not careful!

3. Or try dish soap

Like the above household items, dish soap can also work at preventing your glasses from fogging up with a mask. Dish soap also leaves behind a protective film that stops moisture from building up. It’s actually what most scuba divers and snorkelers use on their masks before they head underwater!

4. Use your glasses to seal the top of the mask

One of the most straightforward solutions is already sitting on your face. Try pulling up your face mask higher so that you can lower your glasses to create a seal that blocks any escaping air. This should prevent the lenses of your glasses from fogging up.

Using the adjustable ear loops of face masks, such as Mask4Life’s 3Ply Mesh Face Masks, means you will be able to pull the face mask tighter towards the top of your face. You can then use your glasses on top to seal the top of your mask. 

5. Sew a nose bridge into your mask

You’ll have already noticed that most surgical single-use masks already have built-in nose bridges. These are designed to help wearers shape the mask to their face and prevent excess airflow from escaping. 

However, most reusable fabric masks don’t have these features. So, why not try adding one yourself? If you have a sewing kit and a few skills, sew a bridge nose under the top fabric of your face covering. You can even glue or even tape one in place if you’re not confident in your sewing abilities. You can use any of these as a make-shift nose bridge:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Aluminium foil
  • Twist ties

If this all seems far too much trouble, you could always look at purchasing our M4L 3Ply Mesh Face Mask. A triple-layer, reusable face masks made from cotton and polyester, our 3Ply Mesh Face Masks have a moulded metal nose piece.

6. Block gaps with tissue

If you’re out and about and need a quick solution to your glasses fogging, then find either a tissue, paper towel or piece of cloth. Then fold the material into a long slim piece and position it directly under the top edge of your face mask. Then secure your mask so that the material will stay in place. This should prevent the airflow from hitting your glasses lenses.

7. Use sprays or wipes

There are plenty of glasses wipes, and sprays available to buy that work in the same way that dish soap and shaving cream do. Not only are they specially designed to tackle glasses fog, but they’re also resistant to hot and moist breath. 

While our above solutions have a longer-lasting effect, these could be good to pop in your handbag for your glass fog emergencies!

Mask4Life’s adjustable ‘ear loop’ masks are perfect for glasses wearers. 

You can do many things to prevent your glasses from fogging while wearing a face mask. It will come as no surprise to you that our preferred method is wearing an adjustable earloop mask.

Not only will it stop your glasses from steaming up, but it is also longer-lasting and has added comfort to a face full of tissue. 

So, if you’re looking for a mask that won’t steam up your glasses, then we suggest our 3Ply Mesh Face Masks! It’s reusable and has adjustable earloops so you can tighten it snugly to fit your face.  As these masks are fully washable, it reduces the cost of purchasing disposable masks, and there is a 100% reduction in waste too! 

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