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The Way Forward as Restrictions are Lifted.

Whilst we welcome returning  (albeit slowly) to the ‘new normal’ many people will be feeling a little nervous and uncertain of the unknown situation going forward.

The rolling out of the vaccination programme is a massive step but that in itself is as yet unproven as it is so new.

Long term, more strains may evolve to which the vaccine doesn’t respond so effectively, and new waves may spread that it is less effective in combatting.

We all dread another pandemic happening.

So what reasonable steps can we take to limit the risk of transmission?

Wearing a face covering will protect yourself and those around you from passing droplets between you.

Sometimes social distancing is difficult, or a crowd of people find themselves closer than they wished or intended. Make sure you carry a face mask with you at all times so you are prepared should this situation arise.

Face Coverings don’t take up much space, and Mask 4Life has a range of different materials and thicknesses to suit everyone.

Obviously, social distancing remains important and will continue to be practised wherever possible.

Washing hands, cleanliness and personal hygiene are also now at the front of our minds, and as they are good practise anyway will continue to happen.

If in doubt, either because you are worried that you may have symptoms, or have been close to others who may be carrying COVID19, having a few self-testing kits available is also very reassuring. Some workplaces have them readily available for you to use to minimise the risk of spreading it around at work.

4L Protection Ltd can supply these self-testing kits which are simple to use and prevent unknowingly spreading the disease.

Hopefully the above will ease the feeling of apprehension and also limit the risks of transmission, providing the confidence to participate in safe socialising as the restrictions are lifted.