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Beating COVID 19 in the Current Environment.

In the situation in which we find ourselves we must do all we can to beat the COVID 19 virus!

The key things are:

  1. Protect yourself from others.
  2. Protect others from yourself.
  3. Good Hygiene.
  4. Wear a face covering.
  5. Let the fresh air in when indoors.
  6. Get tested if you have any symptoms.
  7. Self-isolate if you have any symptoms or live with someone who has tested positive.
  8. Get a vaccination when it becomes available for you.

So a lot of this is common sense.

For those going to work the risks are greater, as they will be mixing with those outside their household.

The importance of wearing a face covering is ever important, both for your own protection ,and of those around you.

However, it must be worn correctly to be beneficial – covering the nose and mouth to prevent droplets passing into the atmosphere. –

M4L have a range of reusable masks available, and these also protect the environment and reduce waste –

Remember, this is not a replacement for social distancing and hand washing though. Hygiene and cleanliness are good habits to practise anyhow, but ever-important currently.

Also important, is to keep your masks clean and germ-free by washing regularly. Spare masks are essential in order to ensure that you always have a clean on to hand.

Symptoms are not always present when you have COVID19, and you can be infectious before you have any symptoms, so do your part and be vigilant.

The Antigen Rapid Covid Self-Testing Kits are now available from T4L that are simple to use and give you the reassurance that you are not unwittingly spreading the lurgy.

Of course, once you have the opportunity of having a vaccine that will offer you some protection, but as yet it is not known whether you can still pass on the virus to others even when vaccinated.

For now, we can all do our bit in the community or workplace to reduce the spread although there are so many unknown parameters in the uncertain and uncharted times we’re passing through.