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Managing the risk of Covid-19 spreading in the workplace.

The current lockdown imposed on the 6th January means that as many people as possible are working from home significantly reducing the number of staff in a workplace.

But if you are one of those who still need to be at the workplace it is a worrying time.

It is of all importance to break any chain of transmittance of the virus before you walk through the door of your work.

Many companies are using the simple self- testing kits to ensuring those attending work premises are not unwittingly passing it on. You can carry the virus without having any symptoms, and you can be infectious before any symptoms appear, so however vigilant you are it may be too late.

A test will flag up a positive case, intercept and reduce further infections occurring. A negative result will give you and your work colleagues peace of mind.

The 4L Protection Rapid Antigen Covid Tests are highly sensitive and give you the result within 15 minutes.

It is also important to remember the social distancing rules. The more people spread out , the less chance of any risk.

The wearing of masks whilst working is an added protection to minimise the spread of droplets from person to person. The Mask4Life range has something for everyone, including the ever popular 3-ply Mesh & Toggles mask which provides even greater protection.

Regular hand washing or sanitizing is also extremely important in order to minimise cross-contamination. Touch points such as the photo copier and coffee machine also require regular sanitising.

Allowing regular bouts of fresh air into air conditioned offices helps to reduce any airborne particles that might be around. All in all, a good dose of common sense along with scrupulous cleanliness will assist in reducing the number of cases and in turn bring us back to normality as soon as possible.