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How can testing help your business?

With the current lockdown restrictions and the faster spreading of Corona virus we are all keen to protect our staff, and in turn our businesses.

We need to get one step ahead of the virus.

As one in three people have no symptoms, yet can pass on life-threatening symptoms unknowingly to others, we need to act quickly and beat the beast.

To prevent the spread of Corona virus in the workplace you can offer all staff a self-testing kit to use before coming in to work. These kits are simple to use and take only fifteen minutes to get a result.

The 4L Protection Antigen Rapid testing kit is becoming increasingly used worldwide and is proving of great benefit to businesses by giving their staff peace of mind that when they come into work they are not risking spreading the virus to their loved ones at home. It has a high specificity of 99% and the chance of a false positive result is negligible.

It also ensures that you will not have to close the business due to multiple cases evolving.

By testing all staff, regardless of whether they have symptoms, it will mean that if anyone has contracted the disease it will be highlighted before they come into work. The kit finds positive cases before they become overt.

Obviously as many as possible are currently working from home, but there are still a lot who are unable to for many reasons.

The kits are as easy to use as a pregnancy test, and if the test is positive a further test can be done by the NHS. This relieves them from doing so many tests, and in turn reduces the number of cases that have to be cared for. There are clear instructions supplied with the tests.

Why not show your staff that you care by providing the 4L self-testing kits and give them and their families the peace of mind that they are looking for in this pandemic.

This rapid testing will soon pay for itself by ensuring as many staff as possible are still able to come safely into work.