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Face Coverings in Winter

Girl wearing face mask in winter conditions

With the change of seasons fast approaching, and Covid cases on the increase in the UK, we thought it would be interesting to explore the options of face coverings.

So, lets start with the benefits. Wearing a face covering when out and about will keep your nose warm, at the same time as protecting you – and it’s not just Covid that face coverings will protect against, it will also slow the spread of coughs and colds too.

That’s great when you are outside, but what about when you enter a warm office? We will , no doubt, soon get into the way of taking our coats and masks off in the cloakroom and replacing the mask with a more indoor-friendly version.

An alternative to the mask in inclement weather, is the snood. This is a one or two ply type of scarf pulled over the head and worn around the neck. When you go in the cold, or need protecting, it is simply pulled up to cover the nose and mouth. It is ideal when walking to work, or walking the dog, and has the additional advantage over a mask of providing protection from the wind and warmth for the neck and ears. As fully washable and reusable, it is an eco-friendly option.

Another challenge faced in cold weather by those wearing glasses is the steaming up of the lenses. The warm air you exhale travels up your face covering and escapes behind your glasses and blurs your vision.

There are a few ways to make this more manageable. Try cleaning your lenses with soapy water and allowing them to air dry. This protects them with a film which may reduce or prevent them from steaming up.

A helpful tip is to put your specs on after your mask. This will reduce the escape of the air you breathe out escaping into your eyes. The fit of the mask over the bridge of the nose is strategic in preventing the air escaping upwards, so ensure it fits snugly. By twisting or tightening the loops over your ears, or attaching them to the arms of your glasses, this will restrict the airflow being released through the top of the mask.

And back to the indoor options (because we’ll actually be using them more).

With heated public transport, offices and homes, we need to provide as comfortable a solution as possible whilst offering maximum protection.

In addition to the vast range we have already introduced, we now have a lightweight comfort mask with a detachable washable lining and air vents. It fastens behind the head with Velcro.

Whilst this is intended for use whilst exercising etc, it is most definitely the most comfortable mask I have ever worn, and could be easily worn all day in the office, or while you’re out doing your Christmas Shopping.

Mask4Life have done the research and have a wide range of eco-friendly washable face coverings, which can be branded with your logo to act as a marketing tool to promote your brand if required.

Above all, it is important that whatever the weather, you safely cover your nose and mouth whilst moving amongst people, but there will be the bonus of a little extra warmth, and the added benefit of protection from other germs and viruses that are prevalent in winter as well as Coronavirus.