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Are face masks effective?


A face mask is a simple barrier that prevents respiratory droplets from travelling into the air and passing on to someone else.

Although cloth masks are recommended, they must be frequently washed to ensure that they are doing their job. They can be easily purchased or made, and give that extra reassurance that you are doing your bit to reduce the spread of Covid19.

Along with this, please remember that frequent hand washing/sanitising and social distancing also play an important part. Masks help to reduce the risk rather than giving total protection, but anything we can do to minimise the spread is beneficial. Face coverings are expected to play a key role in the relaxing of lockdown measures over the next few months and will become a common sighting in the future, as people become more wary of the spread of disease.

Any mask that covers the nose and mouth will be of benefit but the comfort of your mask is paramount so that you continue to wear it consistently and keep sheltered and safe when out and about, particularly when you are in high-risk areas.

The more people that wear masks, the safer our environment is. It is easy to see the benefits of a face mask when people around you cough or sneeze, but droplets are transmitted also when we talk. A mask prevents larger droplets from evaporating into smaller droplets which are more easily airborne. We don’t know who is infected, but we can reduce the chances of becoming infected by wearing a mask, and encouraging those around us to as well. Remember not to touch your eyes, as the virus can be transmitted through membranes in your eyes…

Epidemiological data indicates that wearing masks has led to a slowdown in growth rate, and consequently lower death rates.

80% of people wearing masks could reduce Covid19 spread more than a strict lockdown.

Remember the 3W’s

  • Wear your mask.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • And watch your distance. 

The most important one is the mask, as human-to-human droplets spread the disease, and nobody knows who is going to be the next victim.