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Case Study – Holland & Barrett

Zero Risk Retail Solution for 850 stores within 10 days!

Holland & Barrett were looking for a way to offer masks for their clients but most of the mask solutions they came across were not packed in retail friendly packaging and the face coverings were uncomfortable. In order to be a success they needed a well presented product with a barcode and a way of marketing it within store.

After discussing this with our in house designers we put together several options including a bespoke printed dump bin in the Holland & Barrett corporate colors, a counter top sales box which folded into a display and a simple bagged version compatible with a Euro hook. Holland & Barrett decided that the dump bin was the best solution to attract attention and market the goods in store.

We then put together a proposal which included masks for each store along with the branded dump bin. Our solution also offered stock free of charge on a sale or return contract which enabled Holland & Barrett to retail the product with zero risk. This was very attractive for them and enabled them to take advantage of this revenue stream without a heavy investment in stock.

In order to make the project a success our in house design team designed a full packaging solution which included a barcode and the necessary information to add the face coverings to the retail systems for easy operating. We also offered Holland & Barrett the option of packaging in singles of units of five, they opted for singles to make a low value purchase.

From point of sign off Mask4Life turned around the dump bins and bespoke repackaging exercise very quickly enabling the fully bespoke retail solution to be in store within 10 working days of receiving the signed agreement. This has enabled Holland & Barrett to be one of the most well prepared and professionally presented retailers currently offering reusable face coverings. This product will enable immediate profitable revenue for Holland & Barrett with very healthy margins due to the fact that it is a very high quality product presented very well for the retail space.

If you would like to get a professionally presented and packaged retail solution in your stores or on your website within two weeks then get in touch with our Retail Solutions team today.