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A sustainable solution.

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Mask4Life is a new brand that has been born… Why??

We’ve highlighted the need for a sustainable response to the recent increase in demand for face masks.

I have never been to my local supermarket before and felt it odd that I was the only unmasked shopper! It has been advised that masks are a good safeguard from the spread of disease:

  • Prevents inhaling smog and dangerous particles
  • Prevents touching your face and contracting disease

Our masks are all reusable and washable which means that there is no longer a need to throw it away. We have simply taken the concept that we have all had to adapt to over the past few years with carrier bags in the supermarkets and applied this to the face mask. This is reducing the need to ship and dispose of used paper masks which often have multiple parts including elastic and metal which mean that they have to go into landfill. If the global population all start using disposable masks at an average of 10 per week then that would mean that there is an extra 70,000 tonnes of waste going into landfill each week!

Continuing our drive for sustainability

As you may already know, Weavabel is renowned for providing sustainable packaging and labeling solutions to the fashion industry. By using our global supply network and applying our knowledge of sustainable materials we have been able to come up with an eco-friendly alternative to enable the public to protect themselves while also safeguarding the environment too.

Protecting NHS resources

By providing the general public with the re-usable mask option we are enabling the certified N95 disposable masks to be used by the professional health care staff on the frontline. This means that they’re able to continue the fight against Covid-19 without the burden on supply of the approved medical PPE.

Here at Mask4Life we are joining the fight against Corona Virus and would ask that you spread the word so that together we can get back to a bright future where socializing and enjoying friendships can continue in peace.

Thank you for reading!

The Mask4Life Team